Case Study:

From Startup to Launch


Rebus Biosystems


Scientific Research


Rebus Biosystems is a Silicon Valley-based life sciences technology company backed by top venture capitalist firms, with Illuminia ventures as their lead investor. They are creating revolutionary tools to enable spatial omics research to unlock new discoveries in neuroscience, cancer, infectious disease, immunology and developmental biology.

Erin Cline Davis was hired early on to start building the brand and to develop the product marketing strategy. Erin was tasked with creating the product launch strategy for the Rebus Esper™ Omics spatial omic platform, which was to debut at AGBT (Advances in Genome and Biology Technology) in March 2021.

The Story: Helping Rebus Biosystems prepare for their product launch at AGBT


  1. As with all scientific conferences in early 2021, AGBT was virtual. This created a challenge in how to make a big impression on virtual conference attendees without the typical, big in-person product launch event. A way to pique people’s interest and create curiosity about the new Rebus Esper platform was a challenge that needed to be overcome.
  2. Spatial Omics technology is fiercely competitive evidenced by 2 other direct competitors also participating and showcasing their new technology at the same AGBT conference.
  3. A one-person marketing team is a common challenge start-ups face. Erin’s challenge of launching a new product in a short amount of time required trusted partners to help.


DigiVid created a Product Reveal video whose primary goal is to pique the viewer’s curiosity and build suspense about the product. This can be challenging when you are working with a product that is not typically considered outwardly sexy or intriguing. DigiVid accomplished this by using extreme camera angles, dramatic lighting, exciting music, and text on-screen to tease the capabilities of the new platform.

After piquing the interest of AGBT attendees, Rebus Biosystems’s Senior Product Manager spoke virtually at the conference. This was the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps and details about the newly introduced Rebus Esper spatial omics platform. DigiVid produced the pre-recorded presentation allowing the information to not only be shared with conference virtual attendees but also providing a video asset to share on their website, with prospects, and investors.

Erin trusted in DigiVid’s biotech marketing experience, allowing her to oversee the video production from a higher level and focus on other important product launch needs.


A suite of product launch videos were created in a short timeframe to help the Rebus Esper stand out from the competition at the virtual conference. The product reveal video piqued virtual attendees’ curiosity, the conference presentation provided a detailed understanding of the platform, and a separate workflow video highlighted the ease of use within a laboratory work environment.

Carrie with Miroculus

Erin Cline Davis

Sr. Director, Marketing
“I’ve worked with DigiVid through roles at several companies now. I return again and again because I trust their team to bring domain expertise, creative inspiration and always on-time execution to my projects. For this product launch, their work was key to our surround-sound approach. The vidoes they produced generated excitement, helped explain our workflow in an easy to understand format, and showcased our team’s expertise. I couldn’t be more pleased.”