Case Study:

Translating Complex Into Apealing, Inviting and Effective




Laboratory Managers


A developer of revolutionary tools for personal lab automation.

The San Francisco-based Miroculus started in 2014, saw a market opportunity to create an easy-to-use automated sample prep solution for research laboratories by combining digital microfluidics with inventive product design. Because of the laborious, time-consuming, and costly resources needed for next-generation sequencing sample prep, until now, it has been difficult for labs to automate without sacrificing protocol flexibility. Since Miroculus’ start, they have received consistent and regular funding allowing them to bring their first platform, the Miro Canvas, to market.

Carrie Haverty was hired early on to build out and lead the product marketing team for Miroculus. Carrie wasted no time in creating a go-to-market product strategy for Mircolus’ first commercial launch of Miro Canvas.

DigiVid began to work with Carrie in the Summer of 2020, planning the first video assets that were needed for the Miro Canvas launch in 2021.

The Story: Helping Miroculus prepare for the launch of their product Miro Canvas


  1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical conferences went virtual, eliminating the opportunity for in-person demonstrations with prospective laboratory buyers.
  2. Previous attempts at using microfluidics in the market had design flaws and did not perform well which could lead to a negative impression about the new Miro Canvas.
  3. Most laboratories are comfortable with the status quo of lab technicians manually processing samples, taking up valuable time that could be better utilized.
  4. As with many startups, Carrie was the first marketing leader in the company. This meant developing the launch strategy, developing brand assets, and creating all of the product launch assets in only a few months.


DigiVid created a product overview video that was able to solve Miro Canvas’ launch challenges. This video needed to include several high-level product concepts including, demonstrating ease of use, differentiating from past competitors, and highlighting the importance of regaining valuable time of lab technicians through the Miro Canvas’ improved automated workflow.

Carrie leveraged her network of marketing partners, including DigiVid who had deep diagnostic experience, allowing her to oversee video creation from a higher level and reduce the amount of time-commitment required.


The Miro Canvas Overview Video played a significant role in the product roll out in early 2021. Miroculus utilizes this video on their website, in sales outreach, and during virtual conferences.

Carrie with Miroculus

Carrie Haverty

Sr. Director, Product Marketing
“Based on my past experience with DigiVid, I knew they were adept at translating complex and technical concepts into visually appealing, inviting, and effective communication. Our customers are experts and our marketing needs to engage and respect their expertise. With DigiVid as a proactive partner, we were able to get a beautiful set of videos that met that goal now, and in the future, as we build our library of assets.”